American Pit Bull Terrier Breed Standard

American Pit Bull Terrier Breed Standard

From the history of the breed: 
American Pit Bull terriers' ancestors are the fighting bulldogs of the Old World, which were brought to America by the colonists. Being a direct ancestor of American Staffordshire terrier, Pit Bull still remains unrecognized by the FCI. The exterior type is not consolidated. The breed is registered in the UKC and banned in many European countries. 

Country of origin: 
General appearance: 
American Pit Bull Terrier – is a dog of medium size, strong build, short-haired, with smoothly contoured, well-expressed muscles. The characteristic features of this breed are power and athleticism. 
Height and weight: 
Height at the withers 18-22 inches (46 - 56 cm). 
Weight - 35-99 lb (16-45 kg). 

Short, dense and smooth. 
Any color is possible, some white spots are allowed. 
Pit Bull's head is unique; it is a key element of this breed. It is large and broad, giving a feeling of the tremendous power, but it is not disproportionate to the dog's torso. When viewed from the front, resembles a broad blunt wedge. When viewed in profile, the topline of skull and muzzle are parallel to each other and connected by a well-visible, moderately deep stop. Supraorbital and superciliary arches are well-developed but not protruding. The head is good shaped, expresses the strength, elegance and character.

From small to medium, set high, can be cropped or uncropped. 
Of medium size, from round-shaped to almond-shaped, wide apart and low set on the skull. All colors are acceptable, except blue, which is fault. The mucosa (conjunctiva) should not be visible. 
Dry and muscular, slightly arched, wide close to the shoulder. 
White teeth. Scissor bite. 
Compact. The back is strong and powerful. Topline goes a little down the slope from the withers to a broad, muscular, level back. The loin is short, muscular and slightly arched to the top of the croup while it is narrower than the thorax and is slightly raised. The croup is slightly sloped. 

Deep, but not too broad. True ribs are moderately convex, close-fitting, contiguous, flexible, long false ribs. 
Placed in such a way that it becomes a natural extension of the topline, tapering to a point. When the dog is calm, the tail low and reaches approximately to the hock joints. While motion, the dog keeps it back-high. When excited the tail can be raised up. But it should not curl over the back like a hook (gay tail). 
Limbs (front and rear): 
The forelegs are strong and muscular; elbows are close-fitting to the body. When viewed from the front, the forelegs are perpendicular to the surface and located on a moderately large distance from each other. The pasterns are short, powerful, direct, flexible joints. When viewed in profile they are almost vertical. The hindquarters are strong, muscular, and fairly wide apart.
Attractive features: 
American Pit Bull Terriers are wonderful companions for the whole family; they become great friends for children. Because of their physical strength and high level of aggression towards other dogs, American Pit Bull Terriers require a dog owner who will take care of dog socialization and take part in obedience training. 

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